#Oklaed Blog Roundup: Memorial Day Weekend

It was another great blogging week in #oklaed. If you were out of town, or otherwise occupied for the Memorial Day holiday, allow me to point you toward a few of the #brilliant posts you might have missed.

The Extinction of Tyranno Experior by Rob Miller. We should all keep fighting to slay the high stakes testing beast.

Blue Cereal Education has been on a roll lately. Read his post, Teach Like You, and then scroll through a few others. You won’t be disappointed.

I know I’m guilty of spending too much time talking about what I’m against (high stakes testing, vouchers, inequitable teacher evaluations, low teacher pay, the general overreaching of legislators into education…see? There I go again…). Over at Teaching from Here, Scott’s talking about what he is FOR in education.

Peter Greene is a national education blogger. I’ll bend the rule for eligibility in the #oklaed roundup because his blog, Curmudgucation, never disappoints.  Plus (cue music), it’s my round-up and I’ll post what I want to (post what I want to, post what I want to)…I love what he has to say about The Myth of the Hero Teacher.

Meghan wraps up her fourth year of teaching by reflecting on her first one over at her blog, For the Love. My favorite lines: “I laughed a lot. I cried a lot. I banged my head against my desk a lot. But I wouldn’t change a thing.” I think we teachers can all relate to that, yes? Plus, she has some great words of encouragement for first-year (and second-year, and let’s face it…eleventy-second year) teachers.

I imagine there are plenty of Memorial Day festivities happening at The Porch, but they still found time for some blogging. Join us where life is sweet: in the middle.

I would be flattered if you checked out my “wrap-up” post from Saturday reflecting on the last few months in #oklaed and our legislature.

Finally, let’s all take a minute to reflect upon the meaning of Memorial Day, and the men and women we honor and mourn today. Thank you, Rob (again), for helping us in Remembering Some Gave All.


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