Happy 50th Birthday, Northmoor Elementary

In the heart of the nation, in the heart of Oklahoma, in the heart of a neighborhood in the heart of Moore, stands a little school.

Northmoor Elementary.



My brother, 3 sisters, and myself have 30 years cumulatively at Northmoor Elementary. My older sister and I attended all 7 years (kindergarten through 6th grade) of elementary school at Northmoor. The house in which I spent the first 14 years of my life is no longer standing in that neighborhood, having fallen prey to the F-5 tornado in 1999. But Northmoor is still there (having survived 3 tornadoes itself).

Starting at the first of August, I would ride my bike to the school almost every day and check the front windows.

Me, 1st Grade

Me, 1st Grade

I was looking to see if they had posted the homeroom lists, yet. I couldn’t wait to see who my teacher would be.

I remember every word to the raindrop song from Mrs. McCornack’s kindergarten musical (pitter, patter, pitter, pat…see the raindrops fall…falling one by one…). My line as a pilgrim woman in the Thanksgiving pageant was “Oh! Mercy Me!”

I remember “Buttons and Bows” and “Old Grandfather Clock” and Mrs. Powell at the piano for the 3rd-grade “Shin-dig” program.

File May 04, 8 01 59 PM

I remember panning for gold in Mrs. Phipps class.

I remember Mr. Southard explaining to me that the bean bag wouldn’t stay on my head during that game in P.E. because my hair was “so squeaky clean”.

I remember countless recesses spent rehearsing for honor choir programs with Mr. Williams. What a saint!

Oh! How I miss “R.A.P.” days (Read All Period) in Mrs. Gibson’s class.

5th grade team-Ms. Poole, Ms. Thomas, Mrs. Gibson

5th grade team-Ms. Poole, Ms. Thomas, Mrs. Gibson

Me, 5th grade

Me, 5th grade

I can still smell the salt wafting from Mr. Gorton’s room when we mummified chickens during our study of ancient Egypt. They’re buried somewhere on the playground, but be warned if you go looking for them: we put a curse in hieroglyphics on the box!

Mr. Gorton, 6th grade teacher

Mr. Gorton, 6th grade teacher

I bet if I stopped by today, my feet could still find their way to the shortcut to Ridgewood Drive—across the creek and adjacent to the fields where we played many a kickball game.

I hear the cottonwood trees are mostly gone. But I’ll bet if you try hard enough, you can imagine the laughter of the children who played in their shade during many a recess.

It was at Northmoor where my unique gifts were discovered and nurtured by my teachers. It was there were I discovered my love for stories, for writing, for music, and most importantly, for people. This love would segue into a career someday. I knew very early on that I was destined to spend my life in halls like the ones at Northmoor. I’m now in my 8th year as an educator, and with each passing year, I grow to appreciate more the incredible talent and passion of my teachers.

File May 04, 8 02 27 PM

Thank you, Mrs. McCornack, Mrs. Castle, Mrs. Bonds, and Mrs. Bailor Thank you, Mrs. Phipps, and Mrs. Hess. Thank you, Ms. Poole, Mrs. Gibson and Ms. Thomas Thank you, Mr. Gorton, and Mrs. Gregg. Thank you, Mr. Southard, Mr. Williams, and Mr. Norman.

Thank you, Mrs. Shelton, Mrs. Stark, and Mrs. Brickman.

Vicki Brickman, Administrative Assistant

Vicki Brickman, Administrative Assistant

Thank you, Mrs. Brown.

Thank you, Mrs. Faurot, and Mrs. Arato.File May 04, 7 57 11 PM File May 04, 8 02 54 PM

Thank you, countless others—custodians, support staff, and nutrition workers.

Thank you, PTA.

Thank you, friends and neighbors; thank you, patrons and board members; thank you, community.

And most of all…thank you, Northmoor Elementary, for 50 years of unwavering service to the children of our community.

Here’s to 50 more!


18 thoughts on “Happy 50th Birthday, Northmoor Elementary

  1. What precious memories I have of Northmoor Elementary.. we had.the best teachers EVER ! I attended 1st through 6th grade there, & my children also attended there as well . I was blessed to have Mrs. Jeanie Sisson as my 2nd grade teacher…she helped this very shy young girl love to learn, What a precious lady she is! ALL our teachers were wonderful ! ❤

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  2. I was a secretary at Northmoor when Mr. Price was the principal. Both of my children, Greg Clark and Debra Clark Arvin attended Northmoor Kindergarten-6th Grade. I remember when Mrs. McCornack came to Northmoor in her first year of teaching and we were so tickled to see each other. We were former Moore High School schoolmates. We rode together on the school bus and were in band together. I remember all the wonderful teachers throughout the years and the super great PTA group we had and the honor that was bestowed upon me as Patron of the Year. I remember when Margaret Shelton came to work at Northmoor after I left. I knew the school would have a great secretary in Margaret. Our boys played baseball together. I also remember the tornado of 1977 when we were having a PTA meeting that night. Vivid memories and great memories also. At one time, we were called the Northmoor Headhunters. Sure glad the name was changed. Our new principal is the wife of one of my son’s former schoolmates. Go, Northmoor. Keep up the good work.

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    1. Mrs Clark I was in 4th grade when Northmoor opened. I had Mrs Morrison, Mrs Jones and Mrs.Haster. I learned to play basketball with Mr Romines and I ran in the little Olympics with Mr Webster. Mr Price was my principal so you were the secretary. Great memories. I am Mary Treat and my little sister Kathy also went there. I don’t think my older sister went to Northmoor–Alicia.

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  3. Mindy, great article, well written and full of wonderful memories. Some of my Northmoor school friends are still my best friends today! 30+ years ago!

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  4. So many wonderful memories. The witches hat on the playground, those tall monkey bars that took so much bravery to cross. That dreaded hill that nobody wanted to sit on. Crossing the creek for fire drills. The inflated letter people in Mrs. McCornacks room. Talent shows, (I was an Oscar Meyer wiener). Going to the portable building for music in with Mr. Williams. playing with the parachute in PE and doing the crab walk with that giant ball in the cafeteria on rainy days. Absolutely nothing but good memories!!! Thank you Northmoore for being a huge part in raising me to be the wonderful person I am today!

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  5. we lived on 19th across from Northmoor. Fond memories of sending my kids to school, watching them walk in as I stood on the porch. One time during the day our little dog got out of the back yard and went into my daughter’s classroom!

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  6. Northmoor was my transit connection ( school bus ) to get to Central Jr High in ’65 … my grandson Memphis spent 3 1/2 years there and now is in Yukon, but still tells me of his good ole days there and that he misses the friendship he left there….

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  7. Attended K-6th….. So many warm memories of Northmoor! All the things you mentioned I remember so vividly! My mother, Vicki Brickman became the head secretary after Margaret Shelton left. Proud to be an All Star!

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  8. Debbie Arato hired me in 1987. I almost cried when she walked me to my room because it was so big, had a sink and two bathrooms. This was my first experience with Moore Schools and I too have many fond memories of my three years there. I would love to know how all my first graders are doing now. Great times and great people. Happy Birthday Northmoor Stars… Continue to shine bright!

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